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Strategic Career Development

Strategic Career Development is helping clients find the missing connection in most people’s careers. In general, most people just jump into finding a job before thoroughly exploring and knowing exactly how to strategically connect their job to a career planning process.  Strategic Career Planning is a process of discovering the relationship between various occupations and your own self-assessment.   


This process will provide each client a very specific career path and assists each client in developing a specific direction regarding their career.  Specifically, it examines what clients should do based upon their own exploration of their strengths, personality, interests and skills, and then connects this to career planning.   


Strategic Career Planning provides the foundation to a very successful and satisfying career.  When done correctly clients can enjoy building a fulfilling career. 


Fluent Consulting can help you successfully complete a comprehensive Strategic Career Planning process and create professional opportunities…


The Strategic Career Development Program is a self-initiated process with support and resources provided by a consultant with over 30 years of business experience, having served hundreds of clients in advancing their careers.  At Fluent Consulting we have a personalized Strategic Career Development Program to help you organize your career development planning activities.




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 “Who you are

tomorrow begins

with what you

do today.”

Tim Fargo 

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