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Why Fluent?


Simply put, we bring strategic thinking and action to Human Capital Management.

We're not simply consultants; we tend to build targeted methods that range from full outsourcing to project and partnership management – on a daily basis. We are disciplined, organized and perceptive. Our processes support current best practices and are aimed toward maximizing your Human Capital expenses. Whether you request a comprehensive assessment, a compliance audit, or performance and talent management processes; we have the skill and resources.


With Fluent Consulting you:

* Benefit from experience and skill of over 35 years of non-profit and for-profit 

   Human Resources

* Obtain professional recommendations on tough HR issues.

* Receive professional recommendations, tips, tools and best practices that work.

* Meet specific goals in a very timely manner.

* Receive the most flexible solution to suit your requirements and budget.

* Stay targeted on your core business.

Who benefits from Fluent Consulting:

* Companies who want an immediate, skilled resolution.

* Companies wherever HR is handled infectively and/or inefficiently by existing resources.

* Companies spending an excessive amount of time on one or more HR issues.

* Companies that have one person covering several functional areas.

* Companies needing to guard and grow their business.

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