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"Working with Jay has been a pleasure. His became involved with our team because we were looking for a consultant to help us with employee satisfaction and employee engagement issues. Jay came recommended by several of his colleagues that have worked with him in the past. After meeting with our leadership, he took the time to sit one on one with each team member to understand what the issues and problems we faced. Using the information, he gathered we created workshops that helped the team come together and work to find solutions to the challenges we faced. He helped us develop a Standard of Behavior Agreement around respecting each other and holding each other accountable for actions. The most important work we did with Jay in my opinion was putting together an action plan that would help with overall satisfaction and engagement. He guided our team through this process as we developed and implemented action plans with clear outcomes. He always kept us on task and always allowed the process to happen naturally. The action plan was our team, our goals, and Jay helped steer us in the right direction. Jay has also been a great asset to our leadership team as well. We have regular coaching sessions with him as part of his engagement with us. I can say those sessions have been so beneficial to me and our Executive Director. Our employee engagement and satisfaction has improved dramatically thanks to all the work Jay has done for us and continues to do."

-Jason C., Medical Industry

"Our team was experiencing some significant employee engagement and employee satisfaction issues, when we were given the recommendation by a coworker in HR to reach out to Fluent Human Capital Consulting. Senior leadership met with Jay and described the current state to see if he might be able to help. Jay created a three-month proposal to address the team’s mistrust of management, lack of respect for each other, low morale, lack of team cohesiveness, and accountability issues. He then met with each team member individually to create a custom package of workshops and exercises designed to address key issues. The process was entirely transparent, and the team had input into all decisions made. At the end of our three months working with Jay, the team is functioning well together and has created a set of action items to ensure we continue to enhance and improve upon the work we did with him. Most importantly, team cohesiveness & morale has greatly improved, and the working environment is a thousand times better. Thank you, Jay!"

-Andrew Y., Medical Industry

"Employee and provider engagement is critical to the success of an organization, especially in today’s dynamic and ever-changing healthcare climate. Jay lead this initiative for our organization which had over 7,000 employees and providers. He mastered the skills necessary to be successful at greatly improving the engagement scores. Jay’s personality is warm, calming and non-threatening which is essential when relating to the various stakeholders accountable for this initiative. Jay understood the data better than anyone and constantly pushed the vendor to analyze and present it differently. This tenacity gave us truly novel insights that would not have occurred otherwise. Jay created an environment where the expectation was not to just work to improve the numbers but to truly understand the fundamentals that underline the questions. He supported this by emphasizing to managers and leaders that engagement will improve if you truly work to enhance the personal and professional development of your workers."

-Kenneth B., Medical Industry

"Jay worked with our recruitment team and was instrumental in increasing our employee engagement work unit scores from a low tier group (III) to a high performing work group (tier I). He is a true HR professional and that delivers results. It was great working with Jay and any organization would benefit from his work."

-Mark G., Medical Industry


"Jay Fluent is a highly trained professional with years of experience in Human Relations. He is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with;

I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with

their business."

-Collett K., Medical Industry

"Jay is an absolute delight to work with - we partnered for several years on coordinating engagement surveys for employees and providers. Jay's consistently knew how to strategically position the results in a way that was meaningful for making meaningful improvement. He had positive and strong relationships built across the organization. Jay always meets or beats a deadline, asks insightful questions and is clear in his communication."

-Jennifer A., HR Industry


"Jay is an experienced HR/Organizational Development professional with a deep understanding of all aspects of this profession. He works successfully at all levels of the organization developing relationships from executives to front line staff, providing coaching, mentoring and leadership development. He is a skilled facilitator and trainer with an ability to meet learners needs and ensure deeper understanding of

the content.


I am fortunate to have had Jay as a part of my Organizational Development and Learning team at Denver Health. He is a team player, can produce results, has high emotional intelligence and is engaging to be around."

-Jan J., Medical Industry


"In my capacity of CEO and Hospital Authority, I worked with Jay from September 2012 until my retirement in June 2016. The primary area that Jay and I worked most closely was Employee/Physician Engagement. Jay was a strong self-directed human resource professional who led most of the activity. He was always open to input and suggestions to strengthen our results. Some of the accomplishments that were achieved under Jay's leadership were -


1.Using different methods to ensure our survey participation rates for the       organization were always very good.

2.He constantly pushed the "needle" on improvement for staff engagement over a two-year period (from the 13% percentile to the 50% percentile).

3.He worked on Physician Engagement through direct meetings with Physicians and Physician Leadership to get a "pulse" on their concerns and then addressed them.

4.He also worked very closely with the Chief of Clinical Operations on Physician Engagement.

5.He conducted well over 30+ Town Hall Meetings on Engagement with staff and physicians throughout the organization, including remote clinics, to ensure communication to the entire organization.

6. He helped to draft many of the communication pieces for my distribution to the organization about the Engagement Survey Process; emails, articles on the Pulse, and my weekly update email to staff.


Jay exhibited exemplary partnership and collaboration skills. He was always calm and wasn't rattled by minor setbacks. He was well regarded by the executive team and his peers for his professionalism and reliability.

In summary, I highly recommend Jay to you and I personally would not hesitate to have Jay on my team should the need arise in the future."

-Arthur G., Medical Industry CEO


I’ve worked with Jay as one of his clients for 15 years. During that time, he’s always been there for me. I can always count on Jay to listen objectively and give me sound advice. Jay has helped me with things such as vetting references, Myers Briggs testing, mock interviews, resumes, cover letters, responding to tough interview questions and resolving tough work situations in a professional manner. He always recommends an honest and well thought out approach.

Most recently, he helped me out to shorten my resume from 4 pages to 2 pages. As a result, I’ve gotten positive feedback on my new shorter resume from everyone I sent it to.

Jay has a depth of HR experience which has helped me a lot. I’d be happy to talk to you about him if you need more information."

-Jan L., Business Analyst


Jay Fluent.........upbeat, positive, timely, early, detailed, organized, inquisitive, intuitive, innovative and "company man" all describe Jay in his day-to-day work ethics and abilities. 

Jay brings all the above to the table and does so in a way that is non-threatening to those around him, even if he has to discuss tough topics. He engages others and educates them so that everyone is on the same page. Jay works until he gets the job done. He is no stranger to long hours and time needed to ensure that any finished product is top notch. 

It was a distinct pleasure to work with Jay. I would absolutely work with him again in the future."

-Brent H., HR Industry

Jay has the ability to coordinate effort, move things forward with leadership

and professionalism and support a highly productive team environment in multiple settings."

-Ted N., Manager and Customer Service Industry

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